Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Safari Time!

Park Reserves Tsavo East and West, Kenya. April 11-13, 2009

Safari's aren't the toughest of sports. In fact, it's not tough at all. We just get driven around in these super mini-vans with insane suspension and sweet sun roofs- which gives us plenty of time and energy to take pictures like this:

Or like this:
Or like this:

You get the point.

But besides my unnecessary posing activities, we're also driven around because there's so much to see! 

Hippos in a river

And some things require a really keen eye to notice. 

Check it out: A Five-"legged" (Male) Elephant. Yeah. Our jaws dropped too.

But as amazing as it was to see the multitudes of creatures that roam Kenya, I found that my most memorable moment was watching Africa take in a quiet, deep breath as a new day began.

Hippo Takes a Dip at Sunrise: Tsavo West, Kenya

Sigh... what a wonderful place...

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