Sunday, January 25, 2009

Here's to the Sakata Women

The older I get, the more I realize how much I am like my mother (and therefore, her mother and maybe even her sister)... I walk like her, think like her, and we even share the same odd idiosyncrasies. My brother and sister laugh about it all the time... I don't know if it's because we do silly things or they're just astound by our similarity. But secretly, I like to think that it's because they're envious of the guidance I have... a bigger image of my future. :) Because all have to do is check out my grandma, my aunt, and my mom to know that things are gonna be mighty fine. :) They've all lead beautiful lives and I would be blessed to share their lot.

Ishibashi Obachyan (my aunt), Me, and Sakatano Oba-chyan (grandma)

PS. My aunt passed away a few months ago... and I wish you could have all known her. She was a soft spoken, die-hard baseball fan who cooked up the most elaborate and heart-felt Japanese meals. Her home was also constant throught the years and a comfort to our nomadic family. Please keep Ishibashi Ojichyan (my uncle) in your prayers as he goes through these difficult time.


Japan 2004

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  1. Man! You do look so much like that side of the family!! Craziness!